Family Sins is Based on a True Story

This is based on the case of the Burt Family Crimes in Rhode Island.

The movie came to tv in 2004. The names and the location were changed for the movie. The fictitious Geck family was really based on the true story of arsonist Frances Burt.The real case took place in 1994 in Rhode Island.

Background on Frances Burt
Frances Burt had  a total of 11 kids.

Her Crime

She was convicted in 1994 for arson, kidnap, racketeering, welfare fraud, disability fraud and extortion. Some other members in the Burt clan were convicted too. Many of these convicted had their sentences suspended so they did not spend very much time in prison. Frances Burt was released in 2001 and is serving out the rest of her 19 year probation sentence.

Her husband Walter is serving out an 18 year probation sentence. He was released in 1998. Raymond Burt has been released from prison, but he is on probation. For cooperating with the police investigation and telling all that she knew, daughter Cynthia was sentenced to time served. There was also a friend of Raymond named Tammy Lacoste who was also sentenced to probation. Dennis Burt went back to prison for violating his probation. (not sure if he is still serving)

Other people connected to the case are Renee Demrest, Keith Demrest, and Eneida Facha.

The other son, Randy Burt wrote a book about his family. It has in depth information about many things that did not even make it to the movie version. According to him, the movie version didn’t scratch the surface of what his family was like. He also stated that his mother Frances continues to control the family amongst other things....

The Real Victim That was Confined to the House

The Real Brenda Geck.Her real name is Frances Burt.

Scroll below to see real footage of the Burt family home, and there is also an interview featuring one of the sons, who is now estranged from the family. 

You can also find info on a book that he recently published about the case Here